Monday, July 25, 2005

Pan Mee at Charms, 1U

I love pan mee and have had some decent ones. One of which is at an outdoor foodcourt just beside Atria in Damansara Jaya. Sometimes out of want of dining at an air conditioned place but still craving for pan mee, I go to Charms at 3rd floor of 1U.

I would have to say the pan mee there is pretty inconsistent. At times it is great and sometimes it can turn out too salty. The only consistently good thing is the chilli sauce that comes with it. So on days where the chef gets it right, it could be a well deserving treat.

But to be fair to Charms, they have a decent menu and the other items are OK as well. It does have its little charms of antique-looking tables and chairs, and food and drinks served in chinese porcelains.

Any recommendations for pan mee anywhere, anyone?


boo_licious said...

I walk past Charms quite a bit but yet to try the food there. What else is good there besides Pan Meen?

Where exactly is this Pan Meen at Atria? would love to try it.

tuktoyaktuk said...

i know where you can get really yummy (and expensive pan mee) somewhere in KL - road names elude me though :p Its best eaten dry with their signature sambal chilli and a poached egg! Very yummy!

Sue said...

In Charms they have fried chee cheong fun and I thought that was pretty OK. But like I said the chef is pretty inconsistent. Once it tasted quite nice but another time it was quite blend. So really gotta try your luck. I've seen a lot of people eat this BBQ lamb too. Comes still sizzling on a hot plate and it looked appetizing. Have yet to try it.

Do you know where the shoplots where Gamuda is? Along that shoplot there's also this MLM office called DXN. Further down that lane there is this Medan Selera with chinese and malay stalls. The stall is a corner shop selling noodles. Hope you can locate it. Oh while you're there, look out for a roadside guy selling rojak. His rojak is good too, he has some newspaper cuttings of himself on display.

Which part of KL is this dry sambal pan mee la? And how expensive is expensive?

miss-glut said...

There's a good KL pan meen near the Sime Darby building. Sorry, really cannot remember the name of the road. We call it "Stuck-Up-Pan-Meen" cos now that they're so famous the service is Really Bad and rude. Also, quality has gone way, way down. But you're right about the chilli - it's really good.

Another good pan meen stall is in Taman Mayang, in one of the corner coffee shops opposite Lim Kok Wing (or what used to be the LICT building).

Another pretty good pan meen stall is in Tengkat Tong Shin, at the same shop selling the famous fish ball noodle soup. But this one's only open during lunch.