Monday, October 03, 2005

$6 Steaks!

Before our trip to Sydney, A had told us about this wonderful place near their house which sold really cheap steaks. So, naturally, it was one of the must-eats on our list! Here we come, Hotel Mosman!

Some interesting trivia: We found that although it was called a "Hotel", there aren't any rooms for guests to stay in. Instead, hotels were the only places in olden Sydney which could serve alcohol. And Mosman was the town it's located in, hence the name!

We went there on a Monday night and to my surprise the place was full of people as if it were a Friday night here in Bangsar! I guess after-work drinks is very much an Australian culture and everyone was definitely enjoying their drinks after a long Monday at work! The place was bright, well-lit and cheery with small tables and comfy chairs all around.

And this was the famous AUD$5 bar menu! :) It had about 6 different delicious-sounding items ranging from chicken to steaks (for AUD$1 more). The trick was that these could only be purchased with a drink from the bar. But with beer costing approximately AUD$4 for a mug, it was a good and substantial meal for about AUD$10!

The other 3 settled for the $6 steaks. I wasn't too hungry so we opted for the fried calamari, a lovely salad and a basket of wedges with sour cream to share. Service was pretty fast and it wasn't too long before yummy great food was set before us!

300g of Porterhouse steak on creamy mash with bearnaise sauce

The steak was done medium with the pink juices still flowing when cut which the Steak Aficionado claimed to be absolutely perfect! I tried a bit and it was really good! It wasn't too fat, was tender and hardly needed any other form of seasoning or sauces to accentuate the taste.

Black pepper calamari with garlic lime aioli

The squid was crispy and a little spicy from the dusting of black pepper and went very well with the tangy dip. The wedges (not pictured) was also really good. Thick, fat and crispy potato wedges with generous drizzles of sweet chilli sauce and sour cream! Mmmm...a cheap and wonderful dinner!


Oreos said...

that calamari looks divine :) good food is great, but even more wonderful when it comes cheap... well done :)

babe_kl said...

super cheap leh. looked yummy too

Sue said...

Hi Oreos, it was divine! Thanks for dropping by!

Babe - yes, real cheap huh?! I sat there the whole night trying to figure out how they made their profits and wondering why our bars here couldn't do the same!

boo_licious said...

Wow, porterhouse steak for so cheap. Amazing!