Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Balmoral Burgers

tI've been swamped by a tidal wave (or is it tsunami?!) of work lately and haven't had time to cook, take photographs or blog! A big thank you to all who've stopped by. I hope Funky Cookies will be up and running again soon! In the meantime, I'll leave you with the last installment of my Oz trip photos.

Our last morning in Sydney before our flight was a balmy 28 degree day with warm sunshine. So we took a short drive to Balmoral Beach nearby for brunch and a walk along the beach.

There was a beach festival going on and squares were actually sectioned off on the sidewalk for people to do chalk drawings! It was really interesting to see the children chalking their drawings. They were so creative and colourful!

And dotted all over the beach sidewalk were these oldish people with their easels, sketching and painting the lovely colours of the beach. They were really good and very professional-looking with all their brushes and watercolours and I only wish I had more time to stand and watch them paint!

We stopped at the popular Balmoral Lifesaver Cafe for brunch. It was full of beach-goers and Sydneysiders enjoying the warm sunshine and it took some time for us to get a table.

We opted for a Balmoral Burger to share and an icy-cold chocolate milkshake, upon A's recommendation. Our food came quite fast and wow...we were really glad we ordered the Burger!

Behold the lovely tower! A thick, fat and juicy piece of hamburger was sandwiched between fluffy buns, fresh lettuce and tomatoes. And of course, a burger in Australia is never a burger without that special slice of beetroot only Aussies love! It was a huge burger, perfect for sharing; washed down with ice-cold chocolate milkshake and with the warm sun shining on our bare arms, it was a lovely end to a wonderful holiday.


boo_licious said...

Must be the rush of people getting things done before the long holidays next week.

I love the idea of beetroot in the burger. Must try that one day.

Sue said...

Hey Boo,

Yeah it's been a horrendously busy period! Do try it, the beetroot gives it a certain sweetness that contrasts quite well with the meat patty!

fooDcrazEE said...

Beet root is lovely. It added extra natural sweetness into most everything. Cut them up, chill them and take it as salad with fresh herbs season with crushed black pepper and some salt. Drizzle with olive oil. Si liao, i;m salivating.

rokh said...

lovely pictures! i have read ur foodblog since beginning and been enjoying. do come and view my new foodblog. thanks

Sue said...

Foodcrazee - Mm..that sounds real good! Ah, the benefits of knowing someone in the food industry! *wink* Hehe...

Rokh - Thanks for dropping by! Lovely blog! I've linked you too! :)

tfp said...

Some Aussies would say their burgers should have not only beetroot but bacon and a fried egg too. But me, I can't stand beetroot! Hahaha. But the burger looks beautiful.

Sue said...

Hey TFP! Thanks for dropping by! I so love your blog! :) The burger was beautiful and the warm sun and beach after several freezing days was just as beautiful!