Monday, October 10, 2005

Chicken Curry

My parents both cook fantastic chicken curry, both with their own versions. Mom's a quite a bit more complicated while Dad's the quick-and-easy method! Well, guess who's I decided to learn?!

Dad wrote down the recipe for me and even bought the exact amount of curry powder and tomatoes for me! I don't think he had much faith in my cooking skills! Oh, and there was a small cheat: a packet of mixed curry paste! Dad said he substituted it for his curry and it turned out just as good, plus it's half the work done.

The ready-made curry paste

I first marinated the chopped chicken with heaps of diced onions and quartered tomatoes. Then added the first lot of curry powder, mixed into a paste.

Put in more diced onions to brown, added the marinated chicken and the curry paste and leave it to simmer and cook.

And ta-dah! Curry chicken! We ate it with baguette slices. Delicious!

The secret in making it taste good is to use lots of diced onions. It makes the gravy nice and chunky and the onions give it a lovely sweetness. The paste made the curry rather spicy and there was quite a bit of oil I had to scoop out halfway through cooking. I think I'll try it again without the paste next time!

But I must say, for a first attempt, I don't think I did too badly. Although I'm still waiting, with bated breath, for my Dad's verdict from the few pieces I left him to try!


boo_licious said...

Wow, the chicken curry looks good. Yes, I love lots and lots of onions in my curry too.

Anonymous said...

cool blog ..check out too!

Sue said...

Boo - I think that really brings out the flavour! Yummy! :)

Anon - Thanks! I've been checking it out before I had my food blog but there haven't been any recent updates :(

fooDcrazEE said...