Saturday, October 15, 2005


Can you guess what this is?!

Hehe, this was lunch! More specifically, it was Kong Bak Pau! Kong Bak is a Hokkien term and is belly meat which has been braised in a sweetish sauce. This was ready-cooked! It just needed a quick steam to get it all ready to be eaten!

The Kong Bak. Do you see the fatty layers of the meat?! It was quite scary! :P

Steamed flat pau to go with the Kong Bak

To eat, just put a piece of meat into the split of the steamed pau and savour! :) Delicious but a bit too light! I'm starving now already so off to hunt down some snacks before dinner!


boo_licious said...

I don't think I have eaten it with that kind of pao before. Usually eat it with the flower type that Esquire Kitchen serves.

fooDcrazEE said...

is it kong bak or hong bak ? Err.... if i join u guys , guess i can say bye to my diet. Over weight liao by 7 kg. All in the TUMMY and its yucky and heavy. WHat to do ? FOODCRAZEE mah. lolz

emotionalistic said...

Normally i just take off the layer of fats and eat the rest of the meat :).

S-Kay said...

man..all the while i've been calling it hong bak and not kong bak =P

Your ravioli looks good btw...fuh

babe_kl said...

wow all those lard still not making u full arh??? hehehe i can't one lah, must remove all the fats first b4 i bite.

Sue said...

Boo - I've never eaten flower pau! It probably tastes the same though.

Foodcrazee & S-kay - Err...maybe it's hong bak! *blushes* My Hokkien's very bad! So can't confirm! Hehe...

Emotionalistic & Babe - I'm fat-phobic so I definitely removed all the fat! I won't eat meat with any hint of fat! :P

Papi said...

Too light?
OMG!! Look at that thick layer of fat! LOL!!
I think in Canto it's called "Khau Yoke", and normally comes with yam, right?