Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Brunch in Ulladulla, NSW

Ulladulla, say it after me...U-lla-du-lla! I love the way it rolls off your tongue! It's a small harbour town up along the coast of New South Wales. We stopped there on our way back from Canberra to Sydney for breakfast. It's supposed to be a fishing town so we were really looking forward to eating fresh seafood there. However, there weren't many places offering that option and whichever ones that did didn't look too interesting.

While strolling about, a sign offering "Fried Flathead Tails" on a blackboard outside caught our attention. Curious to know what it was, we popped into Mojo's Cafe for a quick brunch. B.Y.O means "Bring Your Own" alcohol, something uniquely Australian!

The cafe was a bright and breezy place with nice glass windows at the end wall of the cafe offering a delightful view of the green slope of grass leading to the harbour. And dotted against the bright green carpet of grass were seagulls and the odd pelican or two!

This looked interesting but it was a little too early in the morning for a Burger or a Big Brekky Feast! And our curiosity had been piqued by Flathead Tails so fish it was!

These are flathead tails! Looking at them, it suddenly dawned on me what they were! They are the ends or "tails" of flathead fish fillets! For a closer look at flatheads, click here on my Sydney Fish Market post! There meaty tails were lightly battered and fried to a crisp finish. With a drizzle of lemon and a dab of ketchup, they were yummy! I liked the healthy looking salad that came with it. Our fish shops here should start doing the same for a well-rounded meal!

I opted to try the sweet chilli sauce calamari rings. It was boiled (?) squid rings tossed in sweet chilli sauce. The texture was a little like rubber bands, probably cos it was over-cooked but it tasted interesting. The Ozzies seem to have a certain love for sweet chilli sauce! They use it quite a bit in their cooking, probably due to the Asian influence there.

We took a walk after that by the harbour and came across this pair of pelicans! Don't they look lovey-dovey? Perhaps they were thinking of having flathead fish tails for brekkie too!


boo_licious said...

Flathead tails sounds and looks good. And yes, I do agree, those pelicans look like they are angling for some fish tails.

Sue said...

Hi boo! Flathead tails were indeed good! But I think it's a creative cost-saving measure by the chef! :)