Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Avocados & Carbonara

I haven't been cooking recently. A change in workplace has put me in the city which makes coming home in time to cook dinner near impossible! So in the meantime, another meal we had in Sydney to whet your appetites! How I do miss my cooking experiment days!

Avocados were on offer in Woolies during one of our grocery shopping nights so A turned it into a lovely appetiser with prawns and a dash of lemon. J had his with Victoria Bitter (right) which is a popular Australian beer. I don't like avocados because of the creamy texture and taste but I really liked the way she did the dish. The rest of them loved the avocado which was nicely ripened and I'm sure it made a great combination with the prawns.

For mains, we had creamy carbonara with garlic bread on the side. For a non-carbonara fan, I have to say that it was really good! It wasn't cloyingly creamy like how some places do it and was full of bacon slices that added a lovely smokiness to the dish.

I do miss having nice dinners like that. The rat-race and mad traffic here doesn't quite offer me that luxury anymore so I suspect there are going to be a lot more food review posts than cooking posts to come! But I'll try my best during the weekends to sharpen those dodgy cooking skills to be as good as Boo_licious, BabeKL and all the other great cooks out there! ;)


boo_licious said...

Yummy, I love avocados. I must admit with all the bazaars I have been to, I kinda stopped cooking too. Looks like I will need to start soon as this week is a flurry of food events.

Sue said...

Looking forward to your cooking again, boo! :)

babe_kl said...

whoa give me wear tall hat eh? i'm also an occasional cook and i wont say i'm good either. many failures i din blog kakaka ;-)