Monday, October 03, 2005


Is it possible to get tired of food? Well, I definitely was! 3 wedding dinners 3 weekends in a row = too much rich and oily food. Well, this calls for "Teochew-Moi (Teochew porridge)" therapy! Teochew-Moi is plain and watery rice gruel eaten with an assortment of small side dishes which add flavour to the porridge. This was what we had:

Clockwise from the top: Pork, salted egg, duck, stir-fried cabbage and tofu

This was cabbage, sliced thinly and stirfried with some chopped garlic. It would have been great with some dried shrimp or anchovies for flavour but none in the house!

Braised pork slices with mushrooms and a boiled egg, courtesy of Mom from her weekend trip. It was yummily fragrant and a perfect condiment to the porridge! When will I ever be able to cook like she does?!

A few pieces of leftover roast duck slices and a hardboiled salted duck's egg. Salted duck's egg is one of the best accompaniments to plain porridge! The salty egg white and creamy egg yolk makes any ol' porridge taste really good!

This tofu dish is also really easy to do and is a nice light dish to have. Just pour boiling water over soft tofu pieces to lightly cook them, quickly prepare a simple sauce of oyster and black sauce, add fried garlic, fried shallots, chopped chillis and spring onions if any and you're ready to serve! One of my favourite dishes!

All this eaten with a warm, comforting bowl of rice porridge. Bliss! :)


Jason said...

My mum would chill the tofu before serving.

babe_kl said...

hmmm i like too!

boo_licious said...

Yum, I love Teochew porridge too.

benauhc said...

it's midnight and your 'teochew-moi' pics are making me hungry. reminds me of the midnight porridge sessions at Jln Sakeh and Jln Daud.

Sue said...

Jason - chilled tofu is an option too. Just that we find the contrast of the cold with the hot sauce over a little too much! Hehe...

Babe, boo - ^_^

Ben - I've never been to those porridge places! :P