Friday, September 23, 2005

Sydney Fish Market (Lots of photos!)

One of my favourite places in Sydney is the Sydney Fish Market. For a fish-lover like me, it is pure delight to walk in and out of the shops ogling at the mind-boggling array of seafood and fishes, many of which are totally alien to me! Perhaps it's the cooler weather but their market doesn't smell as bad as some of the markets here do and is incredibly clean. They can be, however, just as slippery so watch your step!

They do have a cooking school too although I didn't get a chance to enquire about prices and courses but I believe they have some information on their website.

Anyway, enough talking for now. I'll leave you with the photos and I hope you enjoy your virtual visit here as much as I did! :)

Fresh oysters at a steal at $12.90/dozen!

Boiled balmain bugs - looks weird huh?!

Green-blue swimmer crabs. Such long pincers!


Mud Crabs - I think we have them here too.

Spanner crabs - very unusual! And Moreton Bay Bugs!

Yabbies! Love 'em! Looks like our "udang galah"!

Bailer shell - such a pretty shell but wonder how they eat it!

Sea urchins! Popular with the Japanese

Ocean trout, looks like salmon minus the spots!

Fresh salmon from Tasmanian waters

Jewfish - we saw HUGE versions of these at the Aquarium!

Ocean perch, such a pretty red!

Whole redfish - another pretty red fish

Yellow fin silver bream

John Dory fish - wonder who's John Dory!

Tiger flatheads - interesting fish!

Octopus, doesn't it look cute?!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of weird and interesting fish and seafood! :)


boo_licious said...

I never knew Sydney had a fish mkt and wow, it looks good. The sea urchin look so scary compared to what you get in the Japanese restaurants.

Sue said...

Hey Boo, the Sydney Fish Mrkt is a definite must-see! They have lots of cooked seafood there too and gorgeous seafood platters which we were too full to try :(

babe_kl said...

i think its one of a must go place in sydney :p

glutton rabbit said...

Sue & Eternity. Love the photos. So many kinds of seafood. Really and interesting place...