Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Our Favourite Dessert and Fruit

Now that I'm on a roll...

We were being adventurous and gluttony so I decided to whip up our favourite dessert - Tinned Fruits in Jelly.

Again the assembly is the easiest thing in the world and would put the Naked Chef to shame! Open a tin of fruit (preferably in juice or light syrup), and pour into a pan or container.

Get a pack of powdered jelly and follow the instructions. Pour the jelly over the fruit and let it set. Chill and serve!

This is the perfect quick dessert to whip up for parties and dinners or when people tell you to bring something for a pot luck. hee... I usually adjust the recipie a little so the jelly has more flavour and I don't follow the instructions on the pack to the letter... but thats just me. Find your own tasty mix!

On Sunday, we had a wonderful surprise - a WHOLE BASKET of our mostest favouritest fruit in the world - DUKU!!

For all Star Wars fans - No, not related to the evil Count Duku :p

This fruit is a small round fruit about the size of a ping pong ball. There is a hard shell/skin encasing slivers of soft flesh inside. The flesh sits around the seed and is translucent. The best quality ones are even opaque as that means that the seed is a small one.

The fruit is sweet yet tangy and if its unripe its hair-curlingly sour! There are many ways people say they can tell whether the fruit will be sweet or sour. One way they say is to look at the shape of the fruit - if its slightly pointed where the top is, it would be sweet and if its not it'll be sour. I could never fathom that coz when you are fighting with everyone else for the fruit you aren't going to scrutinise each and every fruit you pick up to determine its pointed-ness! You'd be left wondering where all the duku went!

Our tried and tested method is to lightly press the top of the fruit near where the stem was. If it gives easily, it's likely to be sweet. If you couldn't open it with a crowbar, its sour. In most cases, its true but as with everything that Murphy lays his hands on, there are exceptions.

So, best thing really, is just dive in and hope for the best!!


that little pig said...

Ive never seen the fruit in the third picture b4 but it's looking so yummy. Wish I could taste it a little someday:).

deep-thoughts said...
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tuktoyaktuk said...

Well should you come to Malaysia, come during late Aug/Sept when its in season and give it a shot! Its really nice! :)

fooDcrazEE said...

My japanese old me it looks like hairless testicles and he hate the taste. Anywaym he sure love mangosteen. LOts of fruit from July to late August. Mid july the best.

Papi said...

I don't like duku. Or dukong, or langsat, or duku langsat. Tasted the same to me, but Mami said got different wor.