Friday, September 09, 2005

Light snacks at KTZ

If you're looking for light snacks for tea time, KTZ has some very appealing selections on its menu. I went to the SS2 branch one weekend. They serve chinese cakes and desserts. Our order was more than just a light snack because everything looked so good. We ordered "loh mai kai" (glutinous rice with chicken meat), steamed radish cake, yam cake and a taiwanese pizza.

In the midst of digging into the Loh Mai Kai above.

The white slice is the steamed radish cake while the slightly darker coloured one is the yam cake.

For dessert, my favourite is the "mango loh". It's a large bowl of shaved ice with mango flavoured syrup and generous slices of mango on the side. For someone who don't fancy sweet stuff, I find the sweetness level just fine. The syrup tastes quite fresh and genuine unlike some that tastes preserved.

The "fruit loh" was also popular, seeing almost one being on each table at the cafe. A sweet syrup is poured onto the shaved ice and topped with lychees, kiwi fruit, watermelon, mango and cincau (black jelly). Very refreshing dessert!

- eternity -


Jason said...

Why didn't I order those when I was in KL and having my supper at KTZ?!?!?! *regrets*

Eternity said...

What did you order???

fooDcrazEE said...

light ? Loh Mai Kai ? U must be kidding!

emotionalistic said...

Ahaa..i think i know this place. I have been there once to try the mango loh. It sure is delicious. However, one thing i dont like about this place is that there is always a long queue during the night time. I got turned off the first time i eat there cause i have to wait for 30 minutes before i can place my order and another 30 minutes before i was served.

Eternity said...

foodcrazee, yeah it didn't turn out all that light. what to do, got tempted mah!

emotionalistic, er...sorry to hear your bad experience. they are quite understaffed. and in that kind of place, people tend to hang out for long even after they're done eating. but i've never been there for supper so don't really know la...

ShaolinTiger said...

Love that place, I go there quite often.

You should try their dry szechuan mee though, one of the best around.

Chee cheong fan is ok aswell.

I really love their woh peng.

Eternity said...

oh one thing though, the few times i've been there, they've never gotten my order right! i ordered the chee cheong fan but it never came... :( next time then.