Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Roast Duck King

As a young, impressionable and poor student in Australia, I used to wonder what all the hype about Australia having one of the best roast duck in the world was about. Well, that was until I sank my teeth into the first juicy, succulent and tender piece of roast duck! I was sold after that! And for a "I'm-not-a-fan-of-duck-person", it was quite a feat!

J, on the other hand, had never been to Australia and instead of me extolling how good the roast duck there was, it was best to let the duck do its own quacking! So, it was only natural to head straight to Sydney's Chinatown for a roast duck fix at our first opportunity. And there it was! The King of Roast Duck!

BBQ King is on the corner of Goulburn St and Sussex St, right in Sydney's Chinatown.Look at the many ducks hanging up there, glistening with mouth-watering delight!

It was about 3pm when we headed there with rumbling tummies after touring the Sydney Aquarium and we had the restaurant all to ourselves! We were immediately seated and a menu was barely pushed into our hands when a waiter quickly trotted out of the kitchen with 2 sets of bowls and a big, steaming hot bowl of watercress soup with generous hunks of pork ribs! We were a little hesitant in tucking in as there was no indication as to whether it was complimentary. But hunger soon took over and we drained the soup as a delicious appetiser to the meal.

We ordered 1 plate of roast duck rice to share which was wise as it came in a HUGE portion.

There was at least a quarter of a duck on that plate! And every piece was sheer heaven - Juicy, fragrant and tender morsels of meat topped with a crisp skin which J savoured with pure delight. A true roast duck lover's dream!

That plate was A$12. It's a little pricey after conversion to RM (approximately RM36). But with a big bowl of free soup, free tea and all that wonderful duck, it was well worth it! Now, just to know where good roast duck is in KL whenever that roast duck craving hits again!



boo_licious said...

Drool! Drool! I love roast duck and the way you describe this one in Sydney sounds heavenly.

Yeah, overseas roast duck always taste nicer. Whenever I am back in London, I must make a trip to eat duck at Bayswater too.

Eternity said...

hey boo_licious, are you talking about the four seasons restaurant at bayswater?? that was THE only shop i ate duck rice in london! :D

Jan said...

Hi Sue
$12? Wow.. Lucky me, can get one for $7 here in Melbourne. But I am not a fan of duck (eh? fan? is duck a celebrity?)

Sue said...

Hi Boo_licious! Four Seasons in Bayswater is always our first stop in London too! :)

Hi Jan, thanks for dropping by! I used to study in Melbourne too and roast duck rice used to be $6 at Hills BBQ in my time! So I was pretty surprised at the $12 price tag! But it was's been a long time since I've eaten Aussie roast duck!