Monday, September 19, 2005

The way breakfast was meant to be!

J's sis in Oz, whom we stayed with, had a cosy apartment with a lovely kitchen and the most wonderful collection of kitchen gadgets! So lazy, home-cooked and substantial breakfasts were a daily feature in our Sydney itenerary.

Just an idea of what our typical breakfasts were like! On the right are a combination of pork and beef sausages. Australia, like the UK, has delicious sausages filled with spiced minced meat. Those are such a rarity in KL and we made sure we ate our fill everyday! This, in addition to bacon, eggs and a tomato for presentation and fibre - a hearty start for the long day ahead! I came very close to buying home some sausages for my foodie siblings who love them but figured they probably wouldn't survive the flight home!

We often ate breakfast with a noisy chattering bunch of breakfast buddies! These delightful lot of wild lorikeets and cockatoos, with the odd pigeon or two would often fly in for a bite with their human counterparts!

What a lovely way to start the day! How I miss those breakfasts, especially when a quick bite of bread is all I have time for now!


babe_kl said...

so nice breakie by the balcony?

Sue said...


Oh yes! See the harbour behind the birdies? What a view! :)

boo_licious said...

Cool assortment of birdies. I love leisurely breakfasts - that is a sign of a truly good holiday.