Friday, September 23, 2005

Chicken Wings Mania!

Last weekend, we had a family dinner in Yuen's Steamboat in Sunway. It's a buffet steamboat for approximately RM18++ per head. It's not too bad value if you have a big appetite. There are lots of fresh seafood, including crabs and prawns and a mind-boggling array of various balls and vegetables. But the highlight for most are the marinated grilled/fried chicken wings which barely last 2 minutes on the table!

The server would bring it out, barely have time to put it down when hungry hordes would be running (yes, running!) from all directions of the restaurant with their empty plates towards the chicken wings. And when they get there, they don't even bother using the tongs provided anymore, they just dip their plates right in and try to scoop up as many as they can! And shortly after the mania is over, some would walk away triumphantly holding their plates of wings up high while others would slink away with disappointed faces. Watching the chicken wing drama strongly reminded me of lions and hyenas at a feeding frenzy!

It's sad but I guess human primal instincts just kick in and it brings to mind that under all our polished surfaces and thoughts, we aren't too far up the ladder from animals fighting over food! Needless to say, it did provide great entertainment to us!


fooDcrazEE said...

welcome to Malaysia. what else can i say

Sue said...

Sad huh the way Msians act! It was as if they were starving and that was the only food available!

Eternity said...

i experienced the same, except there was a really hungry chicken wing guy at that time who stood waiting for it. i even photographed him and it's in my blog. :P hope he doesn't see it! hahaha.

boo_licious said...

This is like when you go to Jap buffets and people just take all the sashimi away once it is cut and placed on the platter.