Thursday, September 29, 2005

Manhattan Fish Market

Oh no! Not another fishy review post! My apologies again but I promise a cooking write-up tomorrow! :P

I met up with a friend last two weeks ago at Manhattan Fish Market in Midvalley. The place has a nice and open nautical feel to it with wooden "decks" and bits of fishing paraphernalia strung up all over the place.

The menu, too, was bright and breezy with lots of colourful pictures and descriptions of the food.

Upon seating us, they brought over a trio of seasonings and sauces - chopped garlic, tartar sauce and chilli sauce. The chilli sauce they have is superb! It's has bits of chilli flakes and seeds floating inside and is oh so fiery!

We started with some fried squid to share. It was only so-so and a little too greasy for my liking.
My friend, RL, was on a healthy diet so she ordered a this coleslaw. It was a big portion for about RM3 but fussy me has a really strong aversion to mayonnaise so I passed this.

RL and I shared a Baked Dory Fillet with Plum Sauce. The fish came in a quaint saucepan with a side of garlic rice (or fries, your choice) and a wedge of tomato and lemon. The plum sauce gave it a sweetish flavour which was interesting while the garlic rice was absolutely delicious with a subtle hint of garlic and butter that was deliciously aromatic.

J had the Fish & Chips. That smear of white was supposed to be some sort of tartar sauce I think! The fish was lightly battered and was crispy but the chips would have been perfect with a dash of vinegar! In its absence, the super chilli was a close substitute!

Manhattan Fish Market is nice and reasonable place for seafood. They have seafood platters to share and a pretty good range of seafood to choose from. It was a great time catching up with RL and we're already making plans to meet up again!


babe_kl said...

actually standard oso dropped already since their opening then and now. how sad!

thefirstChristmas said...

When you're at midvalley next, do give Annalakshmi's a try.. (same row as Chilis outside). Amazing authentic indian food, and you pay as you wish. All proceeds go to charity. :)

mudslinger said...

yeah, probably standard has dropped a bit. but my hubby and i enjoy the seafood platter for two. the one where they come and 'flame' next to your table... try that sometime...

Sue said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Babe - I agree la...some places just don't maintain their standards!

ThefirstChristmas - I will! I've been wanting to try that! Is it still pay what you want?

Mudslinger - I've tried that too, just didn't have photos to blog about it! :)

boo_licious said...

I haven't eaten there for quite a while but I do remember that the garlic rice is yummy.