Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nippon Yataimura

I was looking through some of my old photos and found a forgotten batch! This was lunch at Nippon Yataimura in 1 Utama. This Japanese-style restaurant has booth-style seats in cubicles with cloth banners hanging down above them which is probably a replica of stalls in Tokyo. It's located near the Rotiboy outlet so throughout lunch we were sorely tempted by its tantalising smells! Needless to say, we had one for "dessert" after that!

The restaurant was very crowded as it was a Saturday and to my surprise, most of the patrons were actually young people and students. Wow...these people definitely have a lot more pocket money than I did at their age! We didn't have long to wait for a table though. Their menu is bright and colourful with photographs of the food so it does make ordering much easier.

We started off with refreshing cups of hot green tea which are refillable upon request.
We had a salmon temaki (handroll) for starters. It wasn't too bad. We could actually taste the salmon and the seaweed was still nice and crispy. I like their serving plate though!

For mains, we had a spicy wantan ramen. These were noodles in a very spicy broth and there seemed to be a certain kimchi taste to it! To our disappointment, the only other condiments besides the wantans were 2 FATTY pieces of pork, which we don't eat! The fatty layer was amazing! I haven't seen such fat on a slice of meat in a while!

Bro had a Katsudon which was pretty good. There was a generous slice of breaded fried pork on rice, topped with a delicious egg and onion omelette.

And we shared this pot of nabemono. It's a delicious one-pot stew served in a cute little cauldron and was full of chinese cabbage, slices of meat, tofu, spring onions and topped with a poached egg. The soup was a little similar to the ramen but wasn't as fiery. My favourite was the tofu. It melted like silk in the mouth...lovely!

The bill for 4 of us came up to approximately RM50+. I just have one question...anyone wondered why they serve their soup dishes with ladles? We actually saw people eating with those ladles and it did look a little funny and unwieldy! Maybe it's the authentic Japanese style of eating!

Before leaving, I took a picture of their board outside the restaurant. It's filled with pictures of their food. What an excellent way of advertising!


boo_licious said...

I always think that this place is a branch of the one at Mid Valley hence it is part of the Hatsuhana group.

fooDcrazEE said...

not sure about it. went there once with me wife b4 i started blogging. hmm... dont really like the food there though. there's one more Japanese outlet at the old wing just around the corner of jusco's food court. cant remember the name. not bad and value for $$ is good. atmosphere scale 1 - 10 is 3.

glutton rabbit said...

Hi Sue, we have a Yataimura restaurant in Penang. I wonder if it is the same branch. The there is a cute tanuki or badger on the sign board and they serve really huge bowls of nooldes with ladles as spoon... The noodles are really large, I think 1 bowl can be shared between 2 people...

Anonymous said...

I feel the quality at that place has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. I would not go back there again even if they were giving free vouchers! That is how bad I think their food is now! As there are many japanese restaurants around locally now, one really does not need to waste time, calories and money at this place! The food is very localized and not 'japanese' at all. As you can tell I was deeply affected from my last visit there and still am! (juzmy2cents worth ;) Kirsten