Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Aussie Crisps!

I came home from Sydney with a huge boxful of nothing but....junk food! Yes, it was a very expensive grocery shopping trip! But unfortunately, the only thing my foodie siblings requested for was crisps! And crisps there were!

Red Rock Deli has a fantastic range of crisps with very interesting flavours. I tried the Red Wine & Tuscan Herbs flavour there but there wasn't any stock to bring home. So my sibs had to settle for Crispy Bacon & Sour Cream. The bag burst in transit and bro set upon it with great glee. By the time I remembered to take a picture, it was almost finished! He said they tasted rather cheesy although there was no cheese element anywhere. Perhaps it was the sour cream. The crisps are nice, rough-cut and well-flavoured crisps. Just nice to munch on when feeling peckish or when the munchies set in!

I also brought back a huge 18-bag of assorted crisps by Arnotts. I had grabbed it, thinking it was Lays which is more famous for crisps. But for a first, Arnotts wasn't too bad. There wer 4 flavours in the bag - Light & Tangy, Original, Chicken and Salt & Vinegar. Sis liked the Salt & Vinegar one best. These crisps were thinner-cut and packed into small bags, handy for the snack on the go!

I wish I could have brought home more. The choices in their supermarkets are mind-boggling! Unfortunately, since they're highly delicate, huge and bulky; and I only have 2 arms to carry hand luggage with, I guess the siblings would have to make this lot last till our next overseas trip!


boo_licious said...

Yum! I love crisps too and these ones you got sound great. You should try Marks and Spencers crisps, they have one that looks and tastes like a bacon rasher.

fooDcrazEE said...

and none for us boo ! how sad !


Sue said...

Hi Boo, Thanks for the tip! Would definitely check it out! :)

Foodcrazee...awwww....sorry :( I'll remember to bring back more next time!