Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Snakes Alive!

As a student, one of my favourite lollies (chewy jelly sweets...these Aussies have a name for everything!) used to be Snakes! We snacked on all kinds of snakes and green was always my absolute favourite. So I was delighted to be reacquainted with my snakes again on this trip. And being a kind sister, I brought back a bag to share with my siblings.

Just showing off my artistic side! :p

These are the flavours in the bag of snakes. And my favourite is still green! If you look close enough, you may see the snake's little "head" and the criss-cross design on its "body"! I love picking it up by its tail and munching on it slowly tail-first! Lolly or not, I can't bear to eat it head-first! Haha...It's not too sweet and the chewiness is rather addictive especially when a sugar rush is needed!

Slithering off....Sue....

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