Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Re-living Student Days

T'was a lazy Saturday and all through the house
Not a bite of food could be seen, not even a 'pau'
So into the larder we ventured and what did we find?
Tins of soup expiring and something came to mind!

We picked up the pasta and tuna and soup
Chopped up some garlic and mixed veges to boot!
Stirred in the tuna, mushroom soup and all
Poured it over hot pasta and
A meal fit to feed all!

Bad poetry aside it perfectly describes our meal on Saturday. Bro and I were bored and tired of eating ta-pau food so we decided to relive our student days in grey ol' London with a dish all students who have ever lived on their own can identify with - Pasta with Mushroom Tuna Sauce.

The assembly is simple - Campbell's Mushroom Soup, canned Tuna chunks, Pasta of choice and frozen mixed vegetables. Ingredients can be varied according to your sense of adventure and taste. I have personally done this with Asparagus soup or Celery soup and it tastes absolutely great!!

First, boil up the pasta in boiling salted water - follow the instructions on the pack. Fresh pasta is best but no student can afford it. So dried pasta is the way to go.

Then, chop up garlic and onions (optional) and fry in some olive oil till fragrant but not burnt. Pour in the canned tuna chunks, stir, add in soup (follow instructions on can again! Don't throw the can away unless you are so familiar with making canned soup that you know how to work it by heart!) and stir until the soup is smooth.

Add herbs - mixed herbs, basil.... anything you desire and can get your hands on - seasoning - pepper, taste et voila!

Pasta with Mushroom Tuna Sauce!!
Assembly Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 10 minutes
Satisfaction - infinite!

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boo_licious said...

I used to cook something like that too during my student days. My favourite was tuna casserole.