Friday, September 16, 2005

A Taste of Haven

What's the taste of heaven? Perhaps you'll find out at TasteHaven!

A temporary change of jobs has taken me into the jammed KL city. Cooking for the past week has been impossible with traffic jams so it'll be food reviews for now! But the flying wok adventures should be back soon *fingers crossed*!

Dinner tonight was at TasteHaven in Taipan, USJ - a branch of a famous Klang restaurant specialising in Red Wine Mee Suah. For the uninitiated, Red Wine Mee Suah is a popular Foochow dish that's rather hard to find nowadays. The red wine is made from fermenting red rice/yeast which is then added to a stock to create a light but fragrant broth. Mee Sua (a long thin noodle made from rice flour) is served with this soup with chicken and a poached egg.

I opted for the red wine chicken soup without the mee sua. It came in a big bowl with generous servings of boneless red wine chicken, an egg and a healthy sprinkling of spring onions. The soup was deliciously fragrant with a hint of the distinctive wine.

Bro opted for the other speciality - Lala (clams) fried rice. Again, it was a generous helping of fried rice peppered with small clams and scallions. It was nice but the taste of the clams were rather mild, making it quite ordinary. In Bro's words, "It was more like scallion fried rice!" However, the sambal that accompanied it partly made up for the plain rice. It was sweet yet hot, adding a needed zing to the rice. Bro cleaned off 2 saucers of it!

Dinner for 3 of us (J's red wine mee suah wasn't photographed) came up to approximately RM30 with drinks. Each portion averages RM6.90 which isn't too expensive for the portion size. Small eaters probably would have trouble finishing one of their portions. It's a comfortable family restaurant with bright furniture and very fast service. The waiters and waitresses too were quite pleasant and didn't pull long faces when we requested for extra chilli!

They have quite an extensive menu with lots of interesting-sounding dishes and tong sui (Chinese dessert soups), some of which has been reviewed by The Star newspaper. We do enjoy their light and simple dishes and look forward to trying the other dishes in the future. Especially since they offer a wonderful 29% off your total bill on every 29th of the month! Plus a lucky draw which you can enter on each of your visit! Now, with great offers like that, who can refuse?! Maybe it is a taste of what heaven could be like, after all!



Eternity said...

i finally had a chance to taste the red wine chicken soup yesterday with sue and it was so so delicious!

Rooster Rice Bowl said...

Funny how the locals cook our foochow red wine but brown in colour. I think in the process of fermentation the rice, they didn't put the angkak (red rice). I have some awesome looking original foochow red wine too.