Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fruit Art

I love every kind of fruit, except probably avocado and durians! One of my absolute favourite is stone fruit but it's such a luxury here in Malaysia! I was hoping our trip to Sydney would coincide with the stone fruit season but unfortunately that's only towards the end of the year.

Strawberries were in season though and we sure ate our fill while we were there!

We stopped in Goulburn enroute to Canberra and we were in luck! Right opposite the tourist information centre was a quaint little country market which was just starting to come to live. I bought these luscious-looking strawberry from a stall selling freshly picked farm strawberries. And what a treat they were! Each one was huge, brilliant red, deliciously sweet and juicy with juices that stained our fingers pink as we ate them. Strawberries don't rank too high on my list of favourites but this lot of lovelies pushed it up a notch on the list!

This was dessert on one of our nights there. Feeling bored, I decided to create a nice-looking dessert with oranges and strawberries. The cold navel oranges were so sweet and juicy. Luckily we have similar ones here in the pasar malam!

And finally, one more shot cos I so loved how they looked! :) Thanks to my photographer!


tytty said...

looking forward to more Sydney stories! (:

Sue said...

Hi Tian,

I'll keep them coming but the photos are almost finished now! :(

boo_licious said...

I love strawberries. Sadly the ones we get here are so sour!

fooDcrazEE said...

Chuckle ! ours are indeed sour as they are sun ripen. Well, dats biz for us.

Ben said...

hi sue & eternity,

was surfing around the blogsphere when I stumbled upon your blog. looks delicious !
send my regards to J and Ray.

muarian in singapore.

Sue said...

Ben, shock and horror! Is it such a small world? Thanks for dropping did you ever guess it was us?!

ben said...

:P saw the otah comments you left on m.lily's blog. then venturing here, saw the sydney posts and 3 charmed cats, guess that gave you girls away.

anyway allow me to create a link to your blog on mine.

Happy Food Hunting !

Sue said...

Ben, would love to see your blog! looks like there are lots of secret bloggers around!

Eternity said...

hey ben, can't wait to see your blog! =P
the virtual world is very small.

benauhc said...

ok, just click on the link to see my blog. surprise that you girls can manage so many blogs at one time.have a good weekend !


glutton rabbit said...

I love the second photo. It looks very romantic ; )

Sue said...

Glutton Rabbit, my photographer will be very pleased indeed to hear that! :)