Monday, October 29, 2007

70+ emails!

I got back to the office after being away part of last week for some travel and found my email inbox overflowing with more than 70 emails! Plus more kept coming throughout the day yesterday. I managed to clear about half of them but I still have tonnes to go through today. It's crazy...I wonder how people cope when they're away for more than a week!


Danial said...

Spam..lots of spam.. Its irritating when opening your mail and found dozens of junk e-mails with fake promotion such as Toyota Prize, BMW , Coca-cola and the list goes on.

I got tens of spam everyday, now I don't know how to eliminate them despite categorising them as spam in Yahoo and Gmail.

Now, I have 10000++ of e-mails in my Yahoo mail.90% of them are spams.

Maybe I have to open a new mail account...

Cheap mortgages said...

Wow 70+ thats a lot of emails,