Monday, October 29, 2007

Hawaii Delights

A friend was planning to head to Hawaii for her honeymoon. She had the most spectacular wedding here and was hoping to continue the romance in sunny and beautiful Hawaii. An avid beach bum and scuba diver, she had already started to comb the Internet to see what she could do in Hawaii. She decided to stay in Kauai due to their beautiful sparkling blue beaches and found a great blog called the Kauai Travel Blog which had an exhaustive list of What to Do in Kauai. When she showed me the list, I told her she’ll probably be too busy doing her scuba diving, beach bumming and shopping to even enjoy her honeymoon!

She also planned to stay in a beautiful villa on the beach such as those offered by Kauai vacation rentals. It had a whole range of accommodation options from hotels to chalets and romantic beach villas which she chose to opt for. Hopefully she has a lovely honeymoon!

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