Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All Under One Roof

I used to work in a construction company and used to listen to the engineers woes in finding the best suppliers to supply them their building materials at the best costs and in the fastest turnaround time. It was always a huge task for the Purchasing Manager as she often had to run all over to find suitable suppliers for bricks, cement, finishing and all the other building materials. It’s a pity they didn’t know about BuilderElements.com then. It is one of the best building materials home improvement sites that offers contractors, developers, architects and even interior designers everything they want under one roof! It even has the capacity to cater for small time buyers such as home owners interested in doing their own DIY.

Its unique business model allows professional contractors or developers to purchase everything they need from the top to the bottom of the house and exterior to interior, all at the same time. They will then package all the products into one shipment to be shipped directly to the site. This saves so much time and hassle instead of running around and calling various companies. This allows the contractor to manage his stock items easily since all his material is arriving from one source which ends up saving the developer and contractor lots of money! I should recommend BuilderElements.com to them the next time there is a large project!

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