Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Read Before Travelling

I often travel as an independent traveller and absolutely hate guided tours. As a result, I often have to spend quite a bit of time on research and reading up online reviews before I travel just to get the down and dirty on the place by actual travellers or read their recommendations on restaurants or places I should visit. One of my favourite sites is Trustedplaces.com, a great community website that brings together reviews of places, restaurants, tips and tricks by travellers all over the world. I can browse them for free or simply join as a member and start contributing my opinions too.

As I’m planning a trip to London next year, one of their sections featuring some of the best London restaurants really caught my eye. They had restaurants featured by the various cuisines available with star ratings and genuine reviews by travellers who had eaten there. Simply browsing through was enough to make me hungry and to help me select which london restaurant I should go to in my limited time there! Services like these help my maximise my time in a place and I wouldn’t travel without consulting Trustedplaces.com first!

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