Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mint Credit Cards

Don’t you love the convenience of a credit card? It allows so many flexibilities without having to use actual cash all around the world. When I was in UK last month, I met up with my good friend and we went out shopping together. He was using this new credit card issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland under their business name MINT. He told me they were one of the best cards around as they gave lots of fantastic offers.

They offered 0% interest on balance transfers until 1 December 2008, 0% interest on purchases until 1 May 2008 and even 0% on balances transferred from other cards until 1 August 2009! He, being the really smart accountant, had gotten rid of all his old cards and was using MINT due to their great benefits. Unlike some other companies, they even offer subsidiary cards absolutely free so you can share the great MINT benefits with a friend or a partner. They have lots of great offers for travel, leisure and prize draws. When you add all that with their worldwide acceptance and 24 hour customer service, you’ll love MINT too!

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