Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goji for Health

In this age of modern technology, people seem to be reverting back to traditional remedies for their illnesses or to maintain good health. One traditional remedy that has long been used by the Chinese and Indians is the Goji berry. I recall my grandmother always boiling it in soups and telling us to eat it as it was supposed to be good for our eyes and health. Today, research has proven that Goji Berries pack a power punch of anti-oxidants and vitamins needed to fight the free radicals to maintain good health and keep away degenerative diseases.

It’s widely available now in all kinds of forms, from berries to juices and tablets to make it easy for people to take them. The juice is said to be pleasant tasting and nice to drink, especially if drunk cold on a hot summer’s day plus unlike sweetened drinks, it provides a boost of vitamins while cooling you down. It’s a great way to maintain good health with a tried and true traditional health remedy.

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Britton said...

I have heard a lot about Goji Berries. They're supposed to be very beneficial.