Monday, October 29, 2007

Beach Bumming in Hawaii

I was on my way back from Middle East this weekend when our plane got delayed in Thailand. Due to the delay, I got to know some of the fellow passengers quite well and we started chatting to each other. It was interesting knowing where some of them were on transit from or where they were headed as each traveler had their own story to tell. There was a family onboard as well who were on their way back from their holiday in beautiful Hawaii. Apparently their family friend owned a Hawaii beach house and had generously offered them the place to stay.

Thanks to great sites such as the Hawaii Travel Blog and Kauai Travel Info sites, they had a fantastic time beach bumming and sunning themselves on the tropical and beautiful beaches while indulging in really fresh and delicious seafood. The wife had lots of opportunities to do shopping while the children had a truly fun day frolicking in the ocean surf. It sounded like they had a great holiday and the tan and smiles they had weren’t even dampened by the overnight stopover we had to do!

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