Monday, October 29, 2007

Kona Beach

I’ve been traveling a lot and in terrible need of a vacation. I was surfing online recently and got really attracted to the beautiful beaches of Kona, Hawaii. It’s one of the most popular beaches on this tropical paradise and hugely popular with tourists. The waters there are pristine and really blue while the sand is so fine and white it’ll make just lying on the beach such a pleasurable experience! I also read the Kona Travel Blog and found that there is so much to do on the beautiful beach that you’ll never end up getting bored!

You’ll be equally spoilt for accommodation as there’s so much to choose from with Kona vacation rentals and Kauai Vacation Rentals. I was terribly tempted by their beautiful range of villas, beach homes and equally luxurious hotel rooms. It’s a pity Hawaii is such a long flight away! Otherwise I’ll be there every weekend if I could! Hehe

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