Monday, October 29, 2007

Hawaii Paradise

Have you ever heard of home rentals? One of my friends who lived in Hawaii used to do that. She had a lovely home right on the beach within walking distance from the waves and would wake up to glorious sunrises glowing over the sparkling ocean. Her house got a little empty once her children had started leaving home so she decided to put her home up with Hawaiian Beach Rentals under their Hawaii home rentals. That way, tourists could get a genuine Hawaiian experience by staying in a Hawaiian home and being treated to the real aloha spirit.

She has almost fully dedicated her days to her tourist visitors and it pleases her greatly to provide them with all kinds of vacation information which she usually gets from the Kauai Travel Blog or Oahu Vacation Info sites. I think it’s a wonderful idea as it allows the locals an opportunity to open their homes to tourists and tourists a chance to really experience the local Hawaiian culture and warmth.

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