Friday, October 12, 2007

Christmas Lights

I spent last Christmas in Muar with J’s family. I’d never really celebrated Christmas much before save some parties my relatives had. So the Christmas tree, christmas lights and presents concept was something rather new to me but equally enjoyable as it was something I’ve always read about not never really had the opportunity to experience till recently. I asked their family where their led christmas lights came from as it was really pretty wound all around the tree, blinking away in colourful splendour throughout the night.

I was told that J’s siblings managed to find some really nice but cheap Christmas Lights at, an online store specialising in all kinds of bulbs for your everyday or holiday use. They had a huge range of bulbs which ranged from all kinds of pretty designs such as the conventional bud like bulbs to beautiful icicle light strings which looked simply gorgeous on the Christmas tree. They even had lighted window hangers you could mount at your window as a cute little decoration and little Christmas inspired vintage lights you could use instead of your normal bulbs. The designs were all so cute and Christmassy that I can’t wait to have a Christmas tree of my own to decorate!

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