Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life Threatening Disease

I always thought that all babies tended to be born a little jaundiced. In fact, a friend who recently gave birth had to leave her baby in the hospital for several days so his jaundice could be treated before she could bring him home. While I thought it was just a normal thing babies had, I never knew that it could develop into Kernicterus, a rare brain damage disease that could develop if your baby isn’t promptly treated by the hospital for jaundice.

While jaundice is something most babies go through, Kernicterus is something arising from medical malpractice and has serious impacts on both you and your child as your child will likely require lifetime care and support after that. Presently, there are lawyers who specialise in these forms of legal suits if your baby develops Kernicterus under the inadequate care of a doctor. In fact, there was a huge 5 million dollar settlement won recently against a doctor that failed to do the necessary treatment for a jaundiced baby that would have prevented this serious disease. It’s scary especially in hospitals where doctors are overworked but at least there’s legal remedy for parents to take.

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