Thursday, October 04, 2007

Backup Your Info!

I used to work with a property development company. One of my first jobs when I joined was to set up a proper system for them as they were currently operating on a really simple system. I found that they had hardly any form of controls and their daily information was merely backed up on a CD! Also, because their system was so slow, they had to designate a staff whose main function at the end of the day was just backing up information! I was quite surprised and started sourcing around for a good Online Backup system. I found that had a fantastic form of backup system. It was simple, affordable and most importantly secure for a property development company such as ours that had lots of sensitive information about their purchasers in it. The data is backed up offline in a secure online datacentre on high quality and reliable DELL servers so you never have to worry about buying CDs or tapes ever again! Plus, with IceBackup, you get to choose when you wish to backup your important information, whether on a weekend or at the end of a busy work day. It’s a great system and one I would recommend to anyone seeking a safe, secure and affordable way to protect their confidential information.

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