Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dance the Salsa!

Have you ever tried dancing the salsa? I did once when I joined a class at the gym and was surprised to find how difficult it was! Your hips had to be in a certain position and flicked in a certain way to give the steps its sexy appeal. Just a few minutes into the class and we were already sweating buckets with our inflexible hips! No wonder Latin American dancers are always so slim and toned with that sexy sway to their hips! That class was enough to humiliate me and my two left feet! Recently, however, I found a whole new site called Salsa Dance BootCamp which is dedicated to this sexy dance. Best of all, it has online classes for you to learn in the comfort of your own home, without being laughed at or getting lots of pressure to follow your teacher! It has something for everyone, from beginners to the more experienced dancers and even teaches etiquette and social skills while dancing the salsa.

It is a great and easy to navigate site and has tonnes of useful information and great articles where you can learn about the history of this sexy dance and the meaning behind the dancers’ smoldering glances. It’s also a great workout move and lots of gyms have started incorporating salsa into their workouts for some variety. So if you’ve always wanted to experience the sexy moves of this beautiful dance, sign up with Salsa Dance BootCamp and say Ole today!

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