Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hair Loss Help

Recently I met a friend from University and was shocked to see that his hair was thinning. He said it was actually much better than a few months back. He was almost bald a few months back due to his dropping hair. He told me he was so glad he found provillus at, a great site that allows its members to review and vote on various products. Their goal is to help the consumer make the best choice out of the many choices out there based on the ranking each product is given.
He told me Provillus was ranked 5 stars by the users and came with 4 positive reviews. Everyone who had tried it found it created the optimum environment on their heads to produce health new hair and provided proper nutrition to resurrect damaged and dead hair follicles. He’s really happy with the results just after 2 months of using Provillus and hope his thinning pate will continue to improve. I, on the other hand, was pretty impressed with and can’t wait to check out what reviews they have on products I usually get!

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