Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Love PPP

Have you ever heard of PPP? If you’re new to the blog for money scene and haven’t heard of PPP then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock! They’re the best blog advertising company in the market and have a huge number of Posties who post with them. They have opportunities everyday for all sorts of blogs ranging from blogspots to dotcoms although I have to admit that the ones for the blogspot blogs have decreased quite a bit since they first started off. Nevertheless, they’re constantly improving their system and range of opportunities. They used to do a super Tuesday and Wednesday program which had them releasing $1,000 worth of opportunities in the form of $50 and $500 payouts!

I’ve been with them for less than a year and although I’m not making huge five figure payouts like some of their Posties, I’m happy with the amount I’m getting from them. My PPP money is coming in really handy for my big holiday to Europe next year. At least with the USD I’m earning, I’ll be able to convert my money into Euro at a much better rate. I can’t wait to hit the shopping outlets in London! Woohoo…here’s to a new wardrobe and shoes!

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