Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Special and Personalized Bedding

Have you always wondered what to get someone special for their birthday? Maybe it’s your anniversary and have been wondering what to get your spouse? Or perhaps you’re looking for a perfect gift for your friend who’s mad about their dog? Well, now you can give them a beautifully personalized gift in the form of Personalized Photo Blankets and Bedding!

Using the latest technology, favourite photographs can be specially reproduced onto blankets, pillow cases, throws, duvets and even dog beds for your little pampered pooch! Imagine, what better way to personalize your gift for someone special with unique shots and photographs that mean something to both of you. There’s no other similar gift in the world! They accept all major credit cards for payment and all orders will be shipped with either UPS or Postal Service. It’s so simple, just select your favourite photographs, scan them, load them up and you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful and special personalized gift that will definitely bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

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Justin Poile said...

Some years ago… maybe 6 years even… I booked a company by the name or “Smorty” to help me with my website (visionbedding.com) search engine rankings. They did this by hiring bloggers like you, to write articles about my site.

All went well for some time… till Google decided this practice was bad, and my site got hit with a bad links penalty.

I would be most grateful if you could either remove the link from your site to
mine which appears here ( http://funkycookies.blogspot.ro/2007/10/special-and-personalized-gift.html ) or at the very least, make it a rel=”nofollow” link which will let Google know it’s a sponsored link.

Either way, if you could let me know the outcome that would be super.

Thanks in advance
Justin Poile