Friday, October 12, 2007

Spock Search

Have you ever tried searching for people on popular search engines such as Google only to be disappointed when you hit lots of sites but not what you want? Well, here’s a new people search engine to help you search for the important or famous people you’re looking for! It has some really cool searches based on tags and you can actually pull out a list of people tagged as annoying which was hilarious! Guess who was at the top of that list? None other than jailbird Paris Hilton! It comes with a short write up about the celebrity too, right out of Wikipedia.

It’s really useful too if your child needs to complete a school assignment and needs information on the Nobel Peace Prize winners. Simply do a search for that and you’ll find the information instantly at your fingertips! So, for work or for fun, Spock’s the new search engine you’ll want! Start people searching today with Spock! You’ll love it!

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