Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TV Wall Brackets

We were looking for a new TV when we moved into our new place as our old TV had died on us. We were hoping for a Plasma TV and were really glad when Dad agreed with our choice of TVs. Plasmas definitely don’t come cheap and hence we were really particular when looking for a TV Wall Bracket to mount it on. We wanted something of high quality that will last and will not risk our TV falling off the wall and making it a really expensive accident!

I surfed around to find out more on the kind of tv wall mounting bracket we could get and found some great high quality ones at Dekomount. They had some really good prices on brackets for our Sony 42” telly which was really huge! I like how high quality their brackets looked on their site. Their site is really easy to navigate and so user friendly. I could choose the brackets for my TV based on my TV brand and screen size to ensure easy installation and compatibility with my new Plasma TV. Now when we watch movies or shows on our Plasma TV, sitting high up on the wall, I’m glad we went with Dekomount for our wall brackets!

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