Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Island Weddings

It seems to be wedding season again. So many people I know are getting married. It must be the age factor but it can sometimes be a little disconcerting when you find so many of your peers starting to settle down or have families of their own. I was just having a discussion with another friend about weddings and she was telling me that she really wanted a small party for her close friends when she got married instead of a huge dinner with tonnes of people she didn’t know. I told her she could consider having destination weddings by the beach instead with all inclusive honeymoons thrown in and probably a holiday for your guests as well! However, we both came to the conclusion that as Chinese, a small dinner suggestion wouldn’t go down too well with parents as your wedding is as much an event for you as well as for them and would usually involve the parents inviting almost everyone they knew to the wedding dinner! Obligations can be tough but well, it’s culture!

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