Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Designer Smile

I’ve always envied people with beautiful straight and white teeth. I used to think it was natural until I read about cosmetic dentists who could give you a winning smile using state of the art technology to turn your ugly teeth into beautiful ones. One such dentist that has gained much recognition and awards is Sparkle Dental Boutique, a Dentist in Ealing West London that has been providing designer smiles to their patients with their highly skilled and experienced dentists.

They have a great range of teeth treatments including their very popular Zoon2 Teeth Whitening treatment which only takes on hour! The perfect treatment for those on the go! Plus, they have lots of great 0% finance options or flexible finance plans available for their patients. They are conveniently located between Heathrow and West London. So if you’re looking for a convenient dentist Heathrow clinic, dentist West London clinic or Dentist Hanwell clinic, drop by Sparkle Dental Boutique, you’ll love their services. Why wait when you can get a designer smile from only £100 a month?

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Anonymous said...

I am 62 years old and have not seen a dentist for 26 years. Over the years it became harder to make an appointment as I was very embarassed of my teeth and smile. I called Sparkle Dental Boutique, and they asked me just to pop in and take a look around. I was so anxious and nervous but went in and met with the manager, who showed me around the boutique. She showed me the type of dentistry that they offered and other patient testimonials. Feeling more confident and reassured, I booked an appointment. I saw the hygienist who helped me to get my gums back to good health and the rest of my treatment was completed over a few weeks. I even had my teeth whitened! Dr Verma was very gentle and patient and I certainly felt safe in skilled hands.

I am so glad I took the step to call Sparkle. I feel more confident now and my friends have all noticed a kind of spring in my step. My husband was so pleased, that he has now started treatment there.