Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alternative to Loan Sharks

I just checked my bank account online and found that my salary was not banked in yet. This is rather surprising as we’re supposed to be paid our salaries on the 26th of every month. Luckily I have savings and not too heavy financial commitments otherwise I’ll probably have to resort to a cash advance from It’s a site recommending other great cash advance sites where you can apply for emergency cash through the internet or at their stores available nationwide for those who might need some spare cash to tide them between paychecks. They provide loans from $100 up to $1,500 and are a great way for those who need cash quickly without them having to liquidate their assets for a lower value. I like how the internet application for cash advances allows complete anonymity and how fast the cash is quickly deposited into your account once things are approved. Some of their recommended sites have various features depending on your needs. There’s even a womens pay day advance which offers you cash for your shopping needs in between paychecks! A bit too dangerous for me! But if you need some money and don’t want to go after loan sharks, try cash advance sites to help to tide you over.

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