Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jewish Singles Site

I used to know a Jewish girl when I was in University. Coming from a traditional Jewish family, her parents were very strict in controlling who she could or could not date. They didn’t welcome non-Jewish dates and she used to complain as their local Jewish community was rather small. In our second year, I noticed she was much happier and started going out for dates. Curious to know how she managed to suddenly find so many options outside her usual local Jewish circle, I approached her one day and was surprised to know that she had joined a jewish dating site which brings together Jewish singles.

I thought this was a fantastic idea as it brought together jewish singles from all over who shared a common faith and lifestyle. This actually could reduce potential issues in the future with religious beliefs and practices. Recently, I heard from a friend that she was finally getting married and truly encouraged her single friends to sign up with this free jewish personals site, JLove.

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