Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Training A Happy Dog

My aunt used to have several pedigree dogs which she would send for regular training. Some of them like the German Shepherd learnt really fast but some like her pretty little collie could hardly learn anything despite having gone for countless lessons! Perhaps my aunt should have sent her for more professional dog training with Perfect Manners Dog Training.

They have been training dogs for many years already and use a special tried and true method called Flow Training. This method doesn’t simply teach obedience or tricks like what most trainers do. Instead they engage proven strategies and principles based on what they believe are certain traits of the dog based on their genetic make up. It is essential that you, as an owner, attend the training as well as you will be taught too how to correctly communicate with your dog as dogs can’t understand common human language. It is a very Zen sort of training but has had lots of great feedback from many happy owners who found that their dog’s behaviour and happiness improved after training. It also helped the owners appreciate their animal friends much better which provides for a happy household for both man and animal.

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