Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gorgeous Skin

Good skin is a true asset. I’ve always admired people with flawless skin who hardly need any form of foundation or make up to accentuate it. I recently met an ex-colleague who used to have quite bad skin but when I met her, her skin looked like it had undergone some tremendous changes as it was glowing with a much more even skintone. When I pressed her for her secret, she told me that she was going for regular facials, using lots of sunscreen to prevent further skin damage and eating a newly discovered dietary supplement called R.G. Skin Revitalizer.

It’s made from the extract of a new superfruit called Gâc (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng) which is typically found in Vietnam. It’s a bright-red fruit which is approximately the size of a cantaloupe and filled with antioxidants which are so important for our health and skin. It has always traditionally been grown in home gardens and valued by the Asians for its medicinal properties until scientists recently unlocked its secret and health values, to the benefit of everyone else! It actually encourages cellular rejuvenation processes so the skin gets firmer, clearer and healthier over time which is simply incredible! Just like an age reversal process! I can’t wait to try this revitalizer juice now! Ah, the vanity of women!

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