Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Easy Faxing

My office was recently in a terrible havoc. Our fax machine was acting up terribly and all my correspondence to outside parties weren’t going through. This was a real headache as we were working on something important and couldn’t afford the inaccessibility of the fax to send our documents. Out of frustration, we told our IT staff to start sourcing for better fax options as we had been putting up with terrible fax service for far too long already. Our IT did their research and found a great Internet fax service being offered by MetroFax.

With MetroFax, we could have the option of faxing documents anywhere in the world via their Internet Based Fax services. All we needed was an internet connection and we were good to go! This was actually very good for my company as our staff usually traveled quite a lot for work to countries where we weren’t always able to reach them via fax easily. With the Internet Fax, important documents that had to reach them could be sent easily without them having to pay exorbitant rates to their hotels to retrieve it. It truly matches what we require and I was happy to read about their high performance and affordability which was just right for our small company. I hope we get Internet Fax installed in our office soon.

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