Monday, September 24, 2007

Help with Online Stores

I love online shopping. I love how I can get fantastic brands I can’t find in the stores here and the special deals online shops always have. While recently shopping in one of my favourite online stores, I noticed that they had a new integrated ecommerce shopping cart software feature in their newly updated site. It’s now so much easier to shop on their site as their shopping cart feature are integrated with all major banks, gateways and other processors such as Paypal! Yippee! Finally a chance for me to use some of my Paypal funds! Out of curiosity, I clicked on Ashop to find out more about their software and found that it was a great software facility designed to help online merchants build online stores quickly and effectively. It is really easy to use and merchants can set up a store in mere hours! In fact, they’re trying to reach out to as many merchants as possible by offering a 10 day free trial and a free store design offer. Hmm…now I know where to look when I want to start my own online store!

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