Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great Credit Card Options

In this day and age, I think credit cards are one of the best things invented! It allows me to travel across other countries without having to carry large amounts of cash and sometimes I get to use something before I’ve even paid! So with so many credit cards out there, how do you select a good one? Essentially, it comes down to what your needs are. At Co-operative Bank, whatever your needs may be, you’ll find an excellent range of cards for all your needs. They have cards which range from clear to advantage and even a flat rate platinum card where it’s special interest rate of 11.9% remains fixed for the next five years*. With the platinum card, you get an amazing 46 days interest free credit simply by paying your balance in full when the date falls due. Plus, you get a whole host of great offers such as 90 days free Purchase Protection Insurance, emergency cash and card replacement services, 24 hour medical and legal assistance overseas and up to £100,000 free Travel Accident Insurance when purchasing tickets with your platinum card. All this is in addition to the fantastic deals you get with the exclusive Platinum Travelclub. So if you’re looking for a good credit card, get one today with the Co-operative Bank!

*Details accurate at date of publishing

*This is sponsored by the Co-operative Bank*

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