Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travel Stories

I love travel but I only like traveling on free and easy packages. I hate guided tours that get you up at 5am and bring you home only at 11pm. While my kind of travel is more fun and relaxing, it does involve quite a bit of planning especially where the accommodation is concerned. I’ve recently been doing quite a bit of travel in Asia as it is cheaper and one of my favourite sites to get hotel stories in Asia or Asia travel news is Asia Hotels Blog. It’s a great site that features tips and tricks from fellow travelers which can sometimes come in incredibly useful.

Before I went to China, I learnt about “Strange Cultural Habits in China” of which some were really hilarious! I’m a terrible shopaholic as well to the “Three Cheapest Cities for Shopaholics” was really useful for me too and I had a great shopping trip with the great tips I got. It’s a great site to get travel stories in Asia and I always visit it before I plan my next holiday!

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