Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Car Insurance 101

I hadn’t checked my mail in many months and had a full mailbox to clear. Nothing like being an adult and having bills to pay! One of the many bills was a letter from my car insurer telling me that my car insurance was due soon, in a couple months time. It was a hefty sum since I had just bought a new car late last year and hence, it was insured for almost the whole amount. Honestly, as a female, looking at scary things like insurance payments and things like that are mind-boggling enough for me! This is not even taking account the effort to compare and contrast auto insurance rates across different companies and different policies!

I used to always wish for a site I could go to where all my insurance questions and woes will be answered. Well, guess what, my wish came true with They’re a great site that has everything I need to know on auto insurance! They have a fantastic user-friendly and idiot proof car insurance glossary where I could compare different policies at a glance without having to try to understand scary jargon. They also had lots of great articles to read which helped me understand the car insurance world a lot better and what I should be looking out for in an insurance policy. Thank goodness for great sites like these! I feel less fluffy now!

*This is a sponsored review*

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